Introducing Propeller 3.0

New look, new Provider Dashboard and new powerful features for COPD

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Better Manage Your Asthma and COPD

Experts recommend that people with asthma and COPD track their symptoms, triggers and use of medications. The Propeller sensor and mobile application can help you learn more about and better manage your asthma and COPD.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Healthcare providers who remotely monitor asthma and COPD symptoms and the use of medications by their patients can better identify those in need of additional attention before they suffer an exacerbation or return for additional care.

Reduced Costs and Improved Quality

Asthma and COPD are the 5th and 6th most costly conditions in the US estimated at $50 billion annually, each. Improved self management reduces the cost of treating asthma and COPD by eliminated unnecessary hospitalizations, ED visits and office visits.

How much does asthma and COPD cost?

With both patient cases and treatment costs on the rise, you may be looking for ways to improve COPD and asthma care to avoid costly encounters. Get the facts in these companion white papers - a speedy snapshot of the economic and social cost of COPD and asthma in the US today.

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