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Propeller empowers patients to self-manage their chronic condition and improves medication adherenceVan Sickle et al., (2016). Randomized, controlled study of the impact of a mobile health tool on asthma SABA use, control and adherence. 2016. Abstract presented at the European Respiratory Society. while proactively identifying the most at-risk patients, so you can deliver the right treatment to the right patients at the right time.

Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform

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Sensors & Data Connectivity

Propeller’s FDA-cleared and CE-marked sensors attach to a patient’s inhaler and passively record medication use. Bluetooth or cellular connectivity transmits data to Propeller’s cloud for aggregation, analysis, and sharing.

Patient App & Portal

Sensor data is sent to the Propeller mobile app or online portal, empowering patients to learn about their breathing and triggers while delivering personalized, motivating journeys that build healthy habits.

Clinical Decision Support & Analytics

Via an EHR integration or our Clinician Portal, monitor your patients’ medication use and control status while gaining a clearer understanding of their symptoms and triggers.

Support and Coaching

Our patient success team ensures users receive personalized support and coaching to help them confidently navigate the platform, stay focused on their goals, and take control of their breathing.

Propeller collects the data you need to monitor adherence and rescue inhaler use, proactively identify at-risk patients, and maintain a line of sight into patient health between visits and prescription refills.

100+ peer-reviewed published abstracts and 50+ peer-reviewed publications

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