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Accelerate market growth.
Mitigate financial risk.
Drive ROI.



With a digital companion, life sciences has the power to transform traditional drugs into engaging, data-rich, ROI-driving solutions that deliver outcomes from bench to bedside.

Male patient at home looking at his phone and holding an inhaler with Propeller sensor

Propeller Health
Digital Companion:

A configurable beyond-the-pill digital solution that includes FDA-cleared and CE-marked medical devices, consumer apps, support and coaching, and secure access to clinical data for patient monitoring. Our precision approach delivers personalized journeys and engagement programs to:


  • Empower sustainable behavior changes among patients
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Drive direct financial returns for life sciences

Configurable Solutions

Tailor Propeller’s digital companion to meet the needs of a specific patient population.

Regulatory and Security Compliant

Trusted FDA-cleared and CE-marked platform with secure access to clinical data.

Engage Patients and Improve Outcomes

Propeller users have shown median 92%+ medication adherence over six months.

Life sciences: Patients rely on you, HCPs prefer you, and investors trust you.

With a digital companion, life sciences can revolutionize business models and continue delivering what stakeholders are looking for:

Patients want more control over their healthcare

HCPs want engaging digital solutions

Payers want real-world evidence and improved clinical outcomes

  • Payers are leveraging real-world evidence to evaluate long-term drug effectiveness and develop cost analyses for formulary placementsRoberts et al, (2020). Real-world evidence: Bridging gaps in evidence to guide payer decisions. Real-World Evidence: Bridging Gaps in Evidence to Guide Payer Decisions, 5(1), 3–11.

  • Out of 46 U.S.-based health plans, 58% utilized outcomes-based contractsSurvey finds 58% of payers use outcomes-based contracts. Avalere Health.
hands holding an inhaler with a sensor and a mother and her son sitting at the table

Propeller partners with life sciences companies to produce connected drug delivery devices that generate patient-centric, ecosystem, and reputational returns for drug brands.

Clinicians in a meeting

Propeller partners with life sciences companies to produce connected drug delivery devices that generate patient-centric, ecosystem, and reputational returns for drug brands.

Patient-Centric Returns

Consumer preference
Patient outcomes
Patient activation, trust, and engagement

Ecosystem Returns

Value for HCPs
Value for payers
Patient outcomes

Reputational Returns

Trust among patients, HCPs, and payers
Clinical outcomes to support outcomes-based contracts
Financial risk


An increase in patient-centric, ecosystem, and reputational outcomes enables life sciences to realize direct financial returns.

Increased Market Size Through Disease Progression Monitoring

Clinical teams can leverage insights into patient behavior to monitor disease progression, identify patients for step-up therapy, and ensure the most appropriate drug is prescribed sooner in the treatment process — increasing the market size for that drug.

Improved Drug Preference Through Adherence Data

Objective data demonstrating improved adherence provides a clear picture of how the compound performs in the real world. Life sciences can leverage this data to influence prescriber, payer, and patient preference — all of which drive ROI.

Increased Market Differentiation

Personalized care journeys and timely insights strengthen value for patients and providers, making payers more inclined to include the drug and its digital companion on formularies — giving the drug a competitive advantage in the market.

Lower First Script Abandonment and Higher Persistence Rates

More touchpoints in the prescription journey closes the gap between script fill and pickup, providing life sciences with new opportunities to encourage patients to fill — and continue filling — their prescriptions.

For more than 10 years, Propeller has supported life sciences with unmatched data and technical expertise.

Visibility into patient behavior between refills

Propeller provides objective data to eliminate blind spots between refills and provide insight into if and when patients are taking their medication.

Real-world evidence to support outcomes-based contracts

Adherence data plus insights into rescue medication use provide proof of the value promised to payers and providers alike.

Drive brand preference

Bolster market differentiation by improving patient, provider, and payer preference for the digitally connected drug versus competitors.

With Propeller, develop, deploy, and scale a digital companion globally.

Deep clinical and real-world experience

Propeller has conducted 80+ commercial programs and research studies, and a body of research no other digital health company can match: more than 150 peer-reviewed publications and abstracts.

Backed by ResMed’s global reach

Our parent company has decades of experience bringing specialized medical devices to market in more than 140 countries. Together, our regulatory expertise, logistics support, engineering, and component sourcing knowledge are unmatched.

Unparallelled connectivity at scale

Our 10+ FDA-cleared and CE-marked devices cover more than 80% of all inhaled medications on the market — and our capabilities go far beyond respiratory care.

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