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Improved quality outcomesMerchant et al., (2018). Impact of a Digital Health Intervention on Asthma Resource Utilization. WAOJ,Alshabani et al., (2019). J. Electronic Inhaler Monitoring and Healthcare Utilization in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Telemedicine and Telecare and
increased care team efficiency



Propeller helps you proactively identify patients at increased risk of exacerbations, enabling timely interventions.

The FDA-cleared Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform supports hospitals and health systems where it matters most.

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The FDA-cleared Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform supports hospitals and health systems where it matters most.

Our platform surrounds patients to power sustainable behavior change

Deliver personalized care to motivate and engage patients, empower them to sustain healthy habits, and fulfill their expectations for more digital care options

An intentional clinician experience removes costly friction points

Leverage clinical decision support within your native workflow, streamline care coordination, and proactively intervene with at-risk patients

We deliver proven clinical outcomes, including in underserved populations

Improve quality metrics across the board, increase patient adherence, and reduce costly exacerbations

Propeller lowers the total cost of care in both value-based and fee-for-service models

Reduce unnecessary acute resource utilization, transform chronic condition management, and deliver the right treatment at the right location and time


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For more than a decade, Propeller has supported 80+ member and patient programs. Our digital health platform has delivered:


Improved medication adherence


Less asthma-related rescue use

Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform

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Sensors & Data Connectivity

Propeller’s FDA-cleared and CE-marked sensors attach to a patient’s inhaler and passively record medication use. Bluetooth or cellular connectivity transmits data to Propeller’s cloud for aggregation, analysis, and sharing.

Patient App & Portal

Sensor data is sent to the Propeller mobile app or online portal, empowering patients to learn about their breathing and triggers while delivering personalized, motivating journeys that build healthy habits.

Clinical Decision Support & Analytics

Via an EHR integration or our Clinician Portal, monitor your patients’ medication use and control status while gaining a clearer understanding of their symptoms and triggers.

Support and Coaching

Our patient success team ensures users receive personalized support and coaching to help them confidently navigate the platform, stay focused on their goals, and take control of their breathing.

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Remote Monitoring Solution

Propeller enables independent physician groups to enhance patient care through Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) programs for eligible chronic patients.


Our solution for RTM programs consists of an inhaler sensor/cellular hub to capture patient medication use data, an optional patient mobile app and web portal for patient self-education and engagement, and a web-based clinician portal for care teams to access and use patient data to help make informed treatment decisions.

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EHR Integrations

Patient data integrates with clinical teams & EHRs to inform treatment adjustments and prevent costly exacerbations — all within your native workflow.


We have integrations with Cerner® as part of the Cerner® code app gallery and with Epic® through a Redox integration. With EHR integration, you can enroll a patient in just two minutes.

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