Overwhelmed by Quality Metrics? How To Use Digital Health To Improve Quality Scores
Improving quality measure scores is a complex task — and it’s only getting more challenging as the list of metrics continues to grow. By prioritizing quality metric improvement, health systems, payers, and ACOs can deliver high-quality care, drive clinical outcomes across traditionally underserved patient populations, and lower costs across the board. With nine out of […]
Webinar Recap: The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Health With the National Academy of Medicine
The use of remote monitoring devices among physicians has doubled to 30% — a 150% increase since 2016.1 While the rise of technology utilization in healthcare is promising, the industry’s digital transformation is far from over. As organizations continue to integrate digital health solutions into clinical workflows, they must also expand their understanding of everything […]
Webinar recap: How ACOs can deliver value through digital platforms
After plateauing for a few years, the number of ACOs is rising. There are currently 132 ACOs participating in ACO Reach1 and there has been a 30% increase in MSSP ACOs taking on two-sided risk since 2020.2 But as the number of ACOs increases, so does the number of critical challenges they face: Fortunately, digital […]
Is Health Equity Feeling Further Out of Reach? 4 Ways Digital Health Solutions Can Bring You Closer
Health disparities are widening — especially in respiratory care. According to research from JAMA Internal Medicine, over a 40-year period — 1978 to 2018 — pediatric asthma rates among children from lower socioeconomic households increased nearly 400% — 210% more than the prevalence among children from wealthier homes. Similarly, COPD prevalence among low-income Americans rose […]
Reducing Clinician Burnout: The Power of Using Digital Tools Effectively
It’s no secret that health systems are feeling strained, with 47% of physicians experiencing symptoms of clinician burnout.1 An overwhelming amount of clinical data, jam-packed days with little time to connect with patients, and a lengthy list of responsibilities are leaving healthcare professionals feeling drained. Clinician exhaustion can lead to reduced job satisfaction, increased turnover, […]
ROI on Your Mind? 5 Must-Ask Questions Before You Seal a Digital Health Deal
More than 90,000 new digital health solutions entered the market in 2020,1 and annual growth is expected to increase 27% over the next 8 years.2 For health systems, this creates an unprecedented opportunity to leverage digital solutions, especially considering: expanded reimbursement opportunities for remote monitoring, soaring patient engagement, and increased physician demand. With so many […]
Webinar Recap: Keys for Health Systems to Navigate the Changing Landscape
Health systems are under pressure to capitalize on healthcare’s growing digital landscape, especially with staffing shortages and clinician burnout at an all-time high. Without a concrete approach to integrating digital solutions into their care management strategies, health systems are at risk of losing time, physicians, patients, and money. In our latest webinar, industry-leading experts from […]
Breaking Respiratory Research Findings From Propeller Health Unveiled at ERS 2022
Propeller Health and its research partners presented five abstracts at this year’s European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress. Our latest research explored the relationship between respiratory comorbidities and healthcare utilization, the effect of digital health solutions on medication adherence and asthma control, and projected prevalence of COPD by the year 2050. Read brief summaries of […]
Understanding Connected Drug Delivery: Inhalers, Injectors, and Infinite Possibilities
Between the rising global prevalence of chronic disease and a rapidly growing digital-first movement in healthcare, the development of connected drug delivery devices has increased significantly over the last several years.  Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the connected drug delivery devices market was experiencing steady growth. By the end of 2020, the market had grown […]
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