Our Solution

User acquisition and enrollment

Propeller does the heavy lifting of enrollment, so you can focus on caring for patients

  • Support self-enrollment and in-clinic enrollment
  • Automated follow up to ensure successful enrollments
  • Enrollment support
  • Online and mobile enrollment tools


Our sensors are simple, effective and work on over 90% of inhaled medications

  • 1.5 year battery life
  • No complicated pairing and set up
  • On-sensor A/V reminders


Track lung function in clinic or at home

  • spirometer-icon Peak Flow and FEV1

Patient Tools

Young or old, tech savvy or not, Propeller can help all types of patients

  • Mobile Apps
  • Desktop Web Apps
  • Emails / notifications

Enterprise tools

Propeller helps you focus on the patients most in need of attention, increasing care manager efficiency

  • Smart Notifications
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Communication Tools