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Published: January 28, 2021

Set your New Year’s health resolutions for 2021

Around half of Americans set a New Year’s Resolution, but fewer than 10 percent keep them. This year, set a resolution you can stick to with Propeller’s help.

  1. Take the ACT or CAT every month (at least).

    The Asthma Control Test (ACT) can help you understand whether your asthma is well-controlled, while the COPD assessment test (CAT) can provide you with important information about the impact of COPD on your everyday life. Both tests can be shared with your healthcare provider to help them understand your progress between appointments.

    To take the ACT or CAT in Propeller, go to Records and tap ACT History or CAT History. Propeller will walk you through a short questionnaire and store the records so you can refer to them any time.

  2. Take your medication on time every time.

    Maybe you’re one of those people who never misses a dose, and if so, we salute you! For everyone else, we know life sometimes gets in the way of taking your medication. As you know, staying adherent can reduce your symptoms and help you get back to the activities you love.

    This is an area where Propeller can help. To edit your medication schedule in Propeller, visit the Records tab and tap My Medications. From there, you can edit your dosage times to fit your busy schedule or add other respiratory medications to track.

  3. Take some time to de-stress.

    Meditation may improve quality of life for some people with respiratory disease, and it only takes a few minutes each day to develop a practice and see if it works for you.

    To get started, you can check out this free meditation series from meditation teacher Simon Moyes on YouTube, or try a free trial with the paid meditation app HeadSpace. While these services are not built specifically for people with asthma and COPD, they can be helpful in reducing your stress and helping you manage day-to-day challenges.

Have a great year! Propeller is always here to help you manage your asthma or COPD.

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