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Modern Healthcare | Data-driven: HHS aims for info accessibility
“Former CDC epidemiologist David Van Sickle was another one of seven developers called on to showcase innovative healthcare data-handling tools from the podium during the kickoff session last week.”
Advance | On the Lookout for New Asthma Tools
“New technology that can track symptoms and medication dosages anytime and anywhere has the potential to usher asthma management into the emerging mobile information society.”
American Journal of Nursing | NewsCAP: An asthma inhaler equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) capability
“An asthma inhaler equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) capability could allow researchers to track when and where asthma attacks occur-and reveal previously unknown environmental triggers and hot spots.”
MobiHealthNews | GPS mapping for asthma triggers
“’Established risk factors for asthma do not explain its global prevalence patterns and time trends,’says Van Sickle. ‘Studies of epidemic asthma have demonstrated that understanding the locations where asthma exacerbations occur can help identify important new exposures.’”
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