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Published: March 02, 2022

Health equity through value-based care: wishful thinking or digital health future?

In our latest blog post hosted by HLTH, Propeller Health’s General Manager, Susa Monacelli, dives deep into what it really means to leverage digital health for value-based care and how those approaches can be applied toward achieving health equity.

Digital therapeutics for chronic conditions such as asthma and COPD have been proven to deliver clinical and financial outcomes. Platforms that combine medical devices, consumer apps, clinical data for provider monitoring, and patient engagement and coaching are effective in promoting better health outcomes. These outcomes, including improvements in medication adherence, ER visits and hospitalization, have been demonstrated in a variety of patient populations from pediatric to geriatric to those historically underserved

However, realizing these outcomes at scale, while ensuring health equity in access, affordability and health improvements requires a different approach. This entails precise, patient-centric interventions that must be personalized based on social and cultural determinants, demographics, learning and decision styles, disease stage and motivations. By shifting the focus toward using digital health to enable data-driven behavior change, providers and payers will not only be able to sustainably deliver on value-based care for patients, but also apply their learnings more broadly to promote health equity.

Read the full version on HLTH’s blog. 

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