Asthmapolis 1.6.3 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Asthmapolis 1.6.3! We want to know what you think. Please send us your feedback by emailing Many of these new features were suggested by current Asthmapolis users!


To try out these new features, sign in to your Asthmapolis account by going to If you are not currently an Asthmapolis user, you can request an invitation to our new Beta Program to try out Asthmapolis for free!


Asthmapolis 1.6.3 includes:

Integration of WEATHER and AIR QUALITY data: you will now see the current conditions whenever you sign in to your Asthmapolis account. Additionally, the ‘Trends’ page will allow you to see the trends in the weather and air quality when you have your symptoms.

Integration of COMMUNITY DATA: see the asthma hotspots and key trends for all Asthmapolis users in your geographic region. (It’s anonymized data, so don’t worry, your information stays private!)

New EDUCATIONAL TIPS associated with common asthma triggers

Excited? Now sign in to or request an invite for the new Beta Program!