The era of digital medicines is upon us.

Expectations from patients, payers and physicians are changing dramatically.

  • Patients are tired of waiting for healthcare to catch up with their digital lifestyles.
  • Payers are demanding better evidence that medicines are being used and delivering benefits.
  • And physicians know that drugs and devices alone are often not enough to solve their patients’ problems.

Digital medicines combine connected devices with data science, patient experiences and services to help deliver better outcomes


Create brand differentiation in a crowded marketplace


Enable new business models and new methods for clinical validation


Improve medication adherence and loyalty

But digital medicines present a new set of challenges:


Propeller's digital medicine platform takes you from concept to commercialization.

We enable leading pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to rapidly create and launch digital medicines for multiple conditions.


1. Develop Engaging Patient Experiences

  • product-vision
    Connect multiple medication form factors.

    Leverage our partnership with Aptar Pharma to add connectivity to inhaled, injected, nasal, dermal and solid oral medicines.

  • engaged
    Develop companion patient experiences.

    Incorporate personalized insights, gamification and other techniques to drive medication adherence.

  • customize
    Customize the experience.

    Integrate your branding into experiences for patient, caregiver, care manager and physician.


2. Deploy on Secure, Flexible Infrastructure

  • speed-security
    Build with speed and security.

    Leverage our robust and tested global platform architecture.

  • multiple-data
    Onboard multiple data streams.

    Capture multiple data points from a variety of sources and devices, integrating with leading health information systems and EMRs.

  • data-model
    Apply data modeling.

    Securely ingest, store, structure and analyze patient-level data.

  • data-collect
    Unlock real-time patient data.

    Enable passive data collection by connecting devices across multiple therapeutic areas.


3. Go to Market at Scale

  • regulatory
    Proven regulatory capability.

    We've earned ISO13485, HITRUST, 8 FDA 510(k) clearances and CE Marking. Capitalize on our regulatory experience and time-to-market.

  • scale
    Distribute at scale.

    Leverage the largest network of leading providers, payers, PBMs and pharmacies to reach patients.

  • onboard
    Simplify patient onboarding.

    Acquire patients through our proven suite of enrollment and co-branded onboarding tools.

  • insights
    Generate actionable insights.

    Support clinical validation, gather real-world evidence and conduct RCTs through our established tools and processes.


The most robust and tested
digital medicine platform

A rapidly growing, global presence

  • More than 60 commercial programs
  • A global patient footprint spanning 16 countries, with millions of data points captured every month
  • 9 FDA clearances, CE Marking, ISO 13485 and HITRUST

Demonstrated clinical outcomes for respiratory disease in 14 peer-reviewed studies

  • 58% improvement in medication adherence in a 6 month randomized controlled trial (RCT)1
  • 78% reduction in rescue inhaler usage and 48% increase in symptom-free days2
  • See our complete body of research

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