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Our Platform

A digital therapeutic
platform that powers
sustainable behavior

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Care-connected journeys uplift patient lives and
deliver tangible value
for clinicians, health systems,
payers, and life sciences.*

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Propeller sensors capture unique signals that passively record events, such as medication usage or respiration, and transmit data to Propeller via Bluetooth or hub connection.


Hubs plug into a standard wall outlet, collect sensor data, and transmit data to Propeller via WiFi and/or cellular connection.

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Propeller Mobile App

The mobile app for iOS or Android empowers patients to self-manage chronic conditions.

Disease education
Trigger management
Medication use data
Healthy habit formation

Propeller Patient Portal

The online portal lets patients and/or caregivers view sensor data and access their personalized patient journey.

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Clinician Portal

Propeller’s Clinician Portal provides line of sight across an entire patient panel, creates alerts when a patient is at increased risk for exacerbation, and produces objective insights on medication adherence and health status.

EHR Integration

EHR integration allows clinicians and care teams to access patient insights within their native workflow.


Analytics and reporting provide insight on monitored patients for clinical decision support at individual and population levels.

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Support ensures patients, caregivers, and clinicians have the resources they need to confidently navigate the Propeller Platform, including product and technical assistance.


Coaching uplifts patients and guides them with tools and resources to help them self-manage their chronic condition.

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* Solution availability varies per country.

With Propeller you will …

Never forget a dose

Taking your medications as prescribed is the #1 thing you can do to improve your breathing.Stempel et al. (2021). Defining Optimal Medication Adherence for Persistent Asthma and COPD. J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract

Partner with your doctor

Monthly reports help your care team understand your breathing between visits so they can personalize a treatment plan that works for you.

Discover your triggers

Understanding what causes your symptoms to flare-up can help you confidently plan for the day ahead.

Feel supported every step of the way

Personalized support to help you stay focused on your goals and take control of your breathing.