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How Propeller works

Our Sensors

  • Propeller sensors currently work with over 90% of the inhalers on the market.* (See the full list of supported medications.)

  • Sensors track patients’ medication usage and send that data to an app on their smartphone over Bluetooth. If a patient forgets to use an inhaler, the sensor chimes as a helpful reminder.

  • *Based on IQVIA US prescription data from Aug 2019

Propeller smartphone app

The Propeller app is more than a tracking app. It shows patients their medication usage trends. It also provides basic tips to help them control their asthma or COPD, including a personal forecast based on the environmental factors of each location. And if a patient’s rescue inhaler usage spikes, the app alerts them to schedule an appointment with their clinician.

Provider Portal and patient reports

When you partner with us, you and your staff have access to the Propeller Provider Portal. The Portal can be used to monitor your patients’ progress and to better understand changes to their adherence patterns or control state.

Records can be sorted to highlight patients who are at the greatest risk for exacerbations. Simply click on a patient’s name to get an in-depth profile. Alerts are then sent to you and your staff when the following events occur:

  • Asthma Patients

    • Missed controller use for 4 consecutive days
    • Decline in control score

  • COPD Patients

    • Missed controller use for 4 consecutive days
    • At risk for an exacerbation

Reports are generated monthly for each of your patients who use Propeller. You and your staff can review reports before a patient’s in-clinic visit to gain an understanding of their medication adherence, trends related to rescue medication usage and monthly ACT or CAT scores.

Who is Propeller for?

As a clinician you can decide which of your patient to enroll.

Propeller has been proven effective across a wide range of geographies, clinical settings and patient populations.

Propeller is clinically proven to improve patient outcomes

improvement in medication adherence1
less asthma-related rescue inhaler use2
reduction in COPD-related healthcare utilization3
reduction in asthma-related ED visits4

1. Van Sickle D, Humblet O, Barrett M, Henderson K, and Hogg C. 2016. Randomized, controlled study of the impact of a mobile health tool on asthma SABA use, control and adherence. European Respiratory Journal:48: PA1018.

2. Merchant, R. K., Inamdar, R., & Quade, R. C. (2016). Effectiveness of population health management using the propeller health asthma platform: a randomized clinical trial. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, 4(3), 455-463.

3. Alshabani, K., Attaway, A. A., Smith, M. J., Majumdar, U., Rice, R., Han, X., ... & Hatipoğlu, U. (2019). Electronic inhaler monitoring and healthcare utilization in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 1357633X19850404.

4. Merchant, R., Tuffli, M., Barrett, M., Hogg, C., Van Sickle, D., & Stempel, D. (2017). Impact of A Digital Health Intervention On Asthma Healthcare Utilization.

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Are you someone with asthma or COPD? Contact help@propellerhealth.com.