Everyone wins with Twilio

We got word yesterday that we won the Twilio developer contest for our integration of Twilio’s SMS API in the Asthmapolis platform! Exciting news since the prize is a lunch meeting with Union Square Ventures. A great opportunity for us to share our story and learn from one of the best VC firms in the world.

The SMS integration is a great extension for our platform because it enables a whole new segment of mobile users to track and share their condition as we continue to develop and roll out the inhaler device.

The new interface is not open to the public, but if you’re interested in using it please send us an email.

We’re big fans of Twilio so one of the ways we’re going to celebrate is to host a Twilio meetup. There are a lot of exciting projects happening in Madison that are using the Twilio API so it’s time we got together to share notes and teach anyone interested in learning more. We’ve created a Meetup group so please let us know that you’re interested and we will circle back when we have the details nailed down.

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